Discussion Questions on 1 Peter 1:13-16

1 Peter 1: 13-25
Series Title: Christian Living in a Non-Christian World
Christian Values in a Non-Christian World (Part One)

1. Why is it important that we understand that Christian living in a non-Christian world is grounded in knowing our identity, valuing it, and allow it to define who we are and how we will live in this world?

2. What is the difference between a ‘value’ and a ‘belief’?

3. How does the development of these values create a growing distinction between the values of the world (which we once held) and the values of the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

4. Why does the development of these values create both friction (a tension, a rub) and an opportunity to display the superior values of the kingdom of Jesus Christ?

5. Why is it important to know the Christian values are rooted in the gospel?

6. In what way is the grace that we now experience in Christ not the final and fullest expression of grace?

7. How does future grace empower us to live holy lives?

8. What is the difference between having an existential versus an eschatological perspective on our choices in life.

9. Discuss our responsibility to have a disciplined and sober mind and what that looks like.

10. Why does a commitment to holiness make no division between the secular and the sacred?

11. Why does coming to Christ mean that we begin a life-long evaluation of everything we do?

12. Discuss how the gospel calls us to reject the life that is simply driven by self-centered passions and to pursue the life is set apart for God’s sacred use.

13. Discuss Titus 2:11-12 and how the grace of God teaches us to live in a way which reflects God’s Lordship over our lives.

14. What does it mean to have a sacred God-orientation in everything in all life?

15. Discuss this statement: Because in Christ we are already holy, the pursuit of holiness is our joy, not a burden, because we know that our imperfect pursuit of holiness is never the ground of our acceptance with God.


On September 10, 1970 I came to understand the great love of God for me, a sinner and a rebel. That evening I received God’s forgiveness and a new life through Jesus Christ, who died in my place and rose again to offer forgiveness and new life. I have been senior pastor for over 30 years planting two churches in Buckingham, PA and Queens, NY and serving two other churches in Brooklyn, NY and Roslyn, PA. I am currently the lead pastor at Grace Church of Philly.

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