Evangelism and Discipleship in a Post-Everything World

These are some scattered reflections on doing ministry in a post-everything world:

a. Do evangelism and discipleship in the context of community.

b. Make your conversation with pre-Christians and young Christians more like a slow dance than a war.

c. Recognize a post-everything’s need to belong before he believes.

d. See evangelism as a wholistic process, not just the “saving of souls.”

e. Realize that though Jesus is the only way to God there are many roads to Jesus.

f. Rediscover that appreciation of beauty often precedes acceptance of truth.

g. Our evangelism must show that the “meta-narrative” of Scripture is one of compassion and not the abuse of power. 

h. Since suffering is a universal for all human beings, we must show how the biblical message best answers the questions of suffering. 

Our calling to minister in a post-everything world should evidence the following:

1) openness to the task,

2) a curiosity in another’s story,

3) an empathy that is willing to laugh and cry with others,

4) a willingness to wait for an invitation,

5) a desire to create a place for provision, where we deal with the harm of living in a fallen world.

Finally, if we as Christians will minister effectively, we must recapture playfulness and humility.


On September 10, 1970 I came to understand the great love of God for me, a sinner and a rebel. That evening I received God’s forgiveness and a new life through Jesus Christ, who died in my place and rose again to offer forgiveness and new life. I have been senior pastor for over 30 years planting two churches in Buckingham, PA and Queens, NY and serving two other churches in Brooklyn, NY and Roslyn, PA. I am currently the lead pastor at Grace Church of Philly.

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