Grace Theological Institute

Grace Theological Institute

Classes are held at Grace Church in Feltonville from 6:30 – 8:30 PM as follows:

Monday, November 7: Chapters 14-15 Wisdom, Divided Monarchy

Monday, December 12: Chapters 16-17 – Prophets, Divine Hostility and Restoration


  • For each chapter do the reading and fill in the answers for the Bible Study Guide, the Reading Study Guide, and Anticipating the New Testament.
  • Memorize the verses assigned for each chapter.
  • Write down any questions that arise from your reading. As much as possible research answers for your own questions and come prepared to share.
  • Be prepared to participate in the discussion.
  • A Certificate is granted for course completion.

Grace Theological Institute is a church based learning community for those who desire a deeper knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology.

Old Testament Essentials: Creation, Conquest, Exile, and Return

Textbook: Longman III, Tremper. Old Testament Essentials. Downers Grove: IVP Connect, 2014 – Available on Obtain your own copy.